Hi guys, today we are sharing ton 3D Art this amazing resource, free texture, and maps ready to download, from noedle.com.
This is an incredible and high-quality shaders library downloadable for free, in the collection the texture and maps are divided into Materials, Imperfections, and Landscapes.

3D Artists don’t miss this incredible free shader library by Noedle!

In the maps browser you can download this topology of texture + normal map:
Drips and stains, woods, metal, ground, fabrics, crunchy texture, abstract with texture and normal maps,

The section very cool of Needle texture collection, is the chaos’s texture and scratches, patches of “lazily clean” surfaces, patches and dirt “after-party”;), shader texture in Roughness Map and a Normal Map, very … very cool!
Here the link to the shader browser:

Download Scratches Shader:

Download After Party Shader:

Download Lazily cleaned Shader:

Download Drips Shader:

Download Chaos Shader: 

Download Wood Shader:

Download Ground Shader:

Download Metal Shader:

Download Fabric Shader:

Download Crunchy Shader:

Download Abstract Shader:


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