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VFX and motion graphics artist Timo Fecher is releasing a Free Resource  to download,  free Motion Graphics eBook. The eBook will include descriptions from design processes to modern animation techniques.

This motion graphics book is more than just a step-by-step instruction. More than just a tutorial. We won’t show you how to utilize a certain software or plug-in or how to create a specific effect. There are thousands of resources about these topics out there.

Our goal is to give you a profound background knowledge about design and animation principles and to improve your artistic skills. Software and plug-ins are changing constantly. But all that theory about storytelling, animation, color, typefaces, composition & compositing will stay the same.

Check out the excerpt from Timo Fecher below:

Are you an artist? A storyteller? A filmmaker? Do you love graphic design and want to learn the high art of animation? This motion graphics ebook will be an in-depth look at the production of impressive animations. It includes descriptions of a complex design process from classical static design theory to modern animation techniques. With the combination of professional knowledge and appealing storytelling you’ll be able to improve your artistic skills and to impress your clients and audience!

Who Is “Motion Graphics Design Academy” For?

The Motion Graphics ebook is for people who want to learn more about the basics of design, animation, and project design. It’s for newcomers, graphic designers who want to add a new dimension to their art, everyone dealing with digital image processing, and especially all kinds of filmmakers who want to improve their movies, trailers, title sequences, video clips, and commercials.

Preparation Step

The first phase of your creative journey. Learn how to prepare yourself for the following tasks. Especially, when working within professional conditions or within a team, perfect coordination and detailed planning is essential.


 Production Step

The main part of a design process. This is where everything comes together to transform your vision into visible art. The motion graphics book guides you through the most important steps from arranging a static graphic design to animating your message

Post-Production Step

Add the final touch to your motion graphics. Learn how to make your designs more natural and credible by creating some perfect imperfections. With handy tips and tricks the motion graphics book shows you numerous ways to stand out from the crowd.

To continue to learn more about Graphic & Motion Design, you can preorder the free eBook here:


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