Amazing free UE4 assets to download, 3d  library 100% scanned and carefully optimized big foliage library. Perfect for meadow, 3d forest and wet lands.
In pack you will find grass, rocks, cliffs, trees, trunks, landscape textures, bushes, flowers, swamp water, and fence.

Free Meadow Environment UE4 Set

You could use it in games and apps as unreal licence. Check unreal licence for details.

Download Meadow Environment UE4 Set

Free Meadow Environment UE4 Set Contents:

  • 8 Bushes
  • 31 grass/flower types
  • 11 Trees (3 plants, 2 small, 1 medium, 2 big, 2 forest, 1 dead)
  • 24 cliffs in parts and merged in bigger shapes.
  • 3 trunks and 2 mushrooms
  • 20 rocks from small to big
  • Rocks and cliffs material contain cover by angle function with mask option.
  • Dirty road with wet ground mix
  • Dirty path with wet ground mix
  • More
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