Free male 3D character FreakyHoody

We’re sharing this incredible free resource on 3DArt: the 3D Full Body Scan Model of FreakyHoody by Eisko.

This time, the 3D scanned model features “FreakyHoody,” the most tattooed man in France: Sylvain Hélaine, also known as Freaky Hoody. Now, he is a free 3D model, pre-rigged in MetaHuman and ready for use in Unreal Engine 5, catering to all 3D artists.

The 3D model of Freaky Hoody is now available for free to all 3D artists.

His iconic figure can be used without any restrictions, offering a unique opportunity for creative expression. This gift to the artistic community demonstrates Freaky Hoody’s willingness to share his uniqueness and inspire new innovative projects.

Sylvain Hélaine gained notoriety as a mathematics teacher in France, but he became a celebrity due to his unique appearance. His body is a living work of art, adorned with over 90% of tattoos. His face, in particular, is a masterpiece of ink and colors, with eyes and mouth covered in intricate designs.

High-quality 3D scanned model with a mesh of 20 million polygons and 8K PBR textures.

Thanks to advanced scanning technology, his body has been transformed into a detailed and realistic three-dimensional model. This process captured every nuance of his tattoos with 8K texture maps, preserving the uniqueness that distinguishes him.

This full-body digital model is meticulously crafted through 3D scan data, making it an extraordinary asset perfectly suited for Unreal Engine 5 with its MetaHuman Rig. The shaders of the tattooed body have been scanned, utilizing 8K texture maps. The model consists of a 20-million-polygon mesh optimized for real-time rendering and comes with PBR 8K texture maps, including diffuse, specular, normal, displacement, gloss, and roughness texture maps.

It is ideal for VFX scenes, games, and animations, seamlessly integrated with Unreal Engine., MetaHuman Animator e Maya.

The photorealistic 3D model of FreakyHoody comes with HD geometry, 8K PBR textures, and a MetaHuman Rig.

This stunningly detailed model is provided by Eisko, a leader in 3D scanning technologies, specializing in Digital Doubles. Founded in Paris in 2010 by two CGI veterans, Eisko places a particular emphasis on delivering high-quality VFX for films.

Free male 3D character FreakyHoody Full body Scan
    • HD Geometry: Dive into intricate details with a mesh of 20 million polygons.

    • PBR Textures: Revel in the immersive realism of 4K textures, capturing every nuance of FreakyHoody’s tattoos.

    • MetaHuman Rig: Experience effortless integration with Unreal Engine, MetaHuman Animator, and Maya.

    • MetaHuman Animator Compliant: Designed for seamless animation workflows.

    • Fully Integrated: Experience smooth compatibility with Unreal Engine 5 & Maya.

The resource is provided under a Creative Commons for non-commercial use.

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