Hi guys, if you need recreate a city in cyberpunk 3D building style, this kit, it’s perfect for you. KitBash3D the online 3d store, has released Neo City: a free set of cyberpunk-themed 3D buildings.

This kit is free for a limited time only, so grab it while you can!

You can go to KitBash3D store and download this ‘mini kit’ for Free using the individual License, we’ll see the new features in KitBash3D’s recent Kits 4.0 update, which updated the assets for real-time use, adding support for the native formats of Unity and Unreal Engine.

Download this free mini kit featuring select pieces from some of their most popular full world kits: Neo Tokyo, Cyber Streets and Neo Shanghai!

You can create, sci-fi dystopias or overpopulated metropolises in an all-too-nigh futuristic blur of neon, crime and unknowable overlords, or do the unexpected with the genre and create a bright and sunny cyber scene.

The buildings are provided in FBX and OBJ format, 3ds Max, Blender, Cinema 4D, Houdini and Maya, and are compatible with OctaneRender, Redshift and V-Ray.

Download KitBash3D Neo City kit (Requires registration for a free account)

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