Hi guys, don’t miss this amazing IES library free download, a great resource for ies lights ieslibrary.com,
a massive thanks to the author for sharing this library with the community!
Also a quick tutorial showing how to setup an ies light in Blender Cycles, Redshift and Corona Renderer.

Make better render with real-world-lighting, more than 99k IES-files ready to download for free!

>Free ies library: /ieslibrary/browse/

Why use IES files lighting?

IES files describe how light from a lamp is distributed in a room. This data is provided by many manufacturers so that lighting designers can realistically simulate how a project will look when a specific light source is used.

3D artists also use this data to calculate their images more realistically. However, it is cumbersome to find the correct file using try and error, as the manufacturer does not necessarily include a visual example.

How to setup and ies light in Blender cycles?

Also they are created a scene in Blender, where a light source hangs 5cm in front of a wall and 1m above the floor. We then calculated this scene automatically for each IES file using python.

How to setup IES Light Profiles in Corona Render Cinema 4D?

Let’s check how to create a realistic lighting in Corona Renderer in C4D in this tutorial.

How to setup IES Light Profiles in Maya Redshift?

Here you can learn a very quick look on IES lights, quickly set up a light and connect one of the many profiles on offer to it using the Redshift lighting in Maya.


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