FREE Hard Surface Kitbash Vol.1

3D artist Oleg Ushenok has released a handy-looking free pack of over 150 kitbash model parts, intended for creating concept designs for vehicles and machinery.

This not large hard surface pack Oleg Ushenok made in Fusion 360.
Perfectly suitable for 3d concepts. Models are saved in MAX and OBJ files.
All models have UV’s.

You can use these models for any personal and commercial projects. Aside from that, the purchaser may not resell these models on gumroad or another asset marketplace. Please, enjoy.

FREE Hard Surface Kitbash (made in Fusion 360)

The parts, which are supplied in MAX and OBJ format with UVs, range from simple plates, arms, and brackets to much more complex assemblies. You can see more detailed views in Usehnok’s ArtStation gallery.

The pack is licensed for use in commercial projects.

Download hard surface kitbash model parts

Download Oleg Ushenok’s free pack of kitbash hard surface model parts from Gumroad
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