Free Colors Master Class for Nuke Compositor

Hi guys, check this amazing initiative from Victor Perez, that decided to share his course for freeColors Master Class for Nuke Compositors” to the community and to all those people, who want to study and deepen the principles of color.

In the past few weeks have had a tremendous impact on our user community and the entire creative sector. With the onset of the coronavirus (COVID-19) throughout the world, and many studios being forced working from home.

Get the Color Master Class for Nuke for Free!

The Nuke’s color master class is now available for free to study, to help you find an incentive to stay home and use time wisely and productively.

Stay home to help prevent COVID-19, and to help you during self isolation Victor give you for free the best selling tutorial Color Master Class for Nuke Compositors.

Free Colors Master Class for Nuke Compositors:

If you want this free online course just write Victor an email to:

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