Hi guys, don’t miss this amazing resource for Sculpting Hair and Bead in ZBrush. Tutorial by the Concept artist Pablo Munoz Gomez has released this video tutorial where you’ll learn the process sculpting a beard on a stylized character in ZBrush using custom hair brushes, also you can download free ZBrush hair brushes.

How to sculpt hair in ZBrush?

The technique is very simple but really powerful as it lets you create sculpted details (like the hair on a character) that can later be baked into a texture like a normal map.

FREE Custom brushes and a simple technique to sculpt hair in ZBrush

Here is a quick reference for the effect of the custom brushes for sculpting hair in ZBrush.

Here the original Article: zbrushguides.com/sculpted-hair-and-beard-details/

Download brushes (3 in a ZIP file)


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