Free Bokeh preset for After Effects

The camera lens blurs, or general blurs in After Effects can be slow and sometimes a bit disgusting, but there are a lot of amazing tools out there to get better out of focus effects. We are sharing on 3DArt this helpful and quick preset for Better Bokeh free download!

How to create Bokeh effects in After Effects?

How To Get Better Camera Lens Blur in After Effects For Free?

Better Bokeh is a simple gamma correction preset that allows you to reverse the effects of
working in a gamma 2.2 (physically inaccurate) colorspace. You can also push it beyond
100% for even more dramatic results.

Free Bokeh preset for After Effects

Free Better Bokeh preset in After Effects Installation:

  • Windows: My Documents\Adobe After Effects <version>\User Presets\
  • Mac: Documents/Adobe After Effects <version>/User Presets/
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