Hey Blender Artists, let’s check this amazing free Blender addon Bystedts Blender Baker, released by the character artist Daniel Bystedt.

The add-on provides workflow in Blender, making it quicker to bake data from source high-resolution models for use on low-res versions in Blender, includes standard geometry-based maps like normal, displacement, and ambient occlusion, and standard PBR texture maps, including Metallic, Roughness, and Glossy.

Bystedt’s Blender Baker neat free add-on intended to streamline the process of baking PBR texture maps and lighting inside Blender, enables users to bake custom sets of texture maps from models inside Blender.

free Blender addon Bystedts Blender Baker tutorial

Each pass can be previewed on the 3D model inside Blender before baking, and it is possible to apply anti-aliasing and sub-pixel sampling as a post-process to improve the quality of the maps generated.



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