Free 4K Roughness & bump maps

Don’t miss this incredible resource, carefully crafted in detail, released for download of more than 50 grayscale roughness & bump maps in 4K, created by 3D Artist and Motion designer Mohamed Daoui.

These textures were designed to be used to create the roughness or bump map, the author has used them on various projects over the years and has now released them free to the community and 3d artists who want to use them.

To get different rendering results, try using Octane Gradient node, or Redshift Ramp, or equivalent in Arnold render or other types of render engine, playing with the various values of these maps, you can get unique results.

These are textures are free!

These are free resources that everyone can use, the important thing is to share in your works the link or mention to the author, and the original source of this resource used in your project and consider supporting Mohamed Daoui’s work for future resources.

Download Free 4K Roughness & bump maps

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go to the original resource: /Free-4K-Tileable-Roughness-bump-maps/

Free NormalMap Generato Online

Also if you need the Normal map version of this texture, you can use the normal map generator online tool from here:

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