Flying Cars 3D Competition Winners Announcement!

Hey 3D Artists, let’s take a look at the winning works in the latest 3d contest promoted by Hum3D, we at 3DArt have supported the challenge as a finalist judges, and the competition is supported by the best companies in the 3D world, with incredible prizes. Participants had to create a 3D artwork, and imagine a scene with flying cars on the city streets.

First place is Leave night by Ruming Cao

I really like the work done in this scene, the attention to detail is incredible, and the textures and the use of color with warm and cold contrasts of the lighting are excellent!

Second place is Green screen by Shangyu Wang

What I love about 3d is the ability to create incredible stories and tell creative and ironic stories like in this case. I really like the author’s idea of using the green screen as a narrative element. The attention to detail of the 3d model and the shaders are incredible, I love the tracker elements, that the author has added on the green screen, fundamental for a good final track result … 😉

Third place is 88 Miles Per Hour by Todor Vladev

I must admit that seeing a DeLorean machine flying and floating in the air always has its charm. The scene is masterfully created, from the attention to detail to the textures. What really like most in this scene is the lighting work, and the rhythm of the colors… well done!

Check here for more info about the competition: Flying Cars – 3D Art Challenge

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