Fluid simulations in X-Particles in C4D tutorial

In this tutorial, we will learn how to create abstract liquid doughnuts with X-Particles in C4D, tutorial by Markus Gonser. X-Particles is a advanced particle tools and VFX system for MAXON’s Cinema 4D, a unique tool system of questions and actions enables complete control over particle simulations.

How to create fluid simulations in X-Particles in C4D?

The tutorial covers X-Particles in Cinema 4D, abstract fluid effects:

  • Get a basic understanding of what FluidFX can do for you.
  • Fill any object with particle simulations and give them water-like behaviour.
  • Combine different fluid simulations and get beautiful mixing patterns.

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Cinema 4D Tutorial Create a Liquid Donut using X-Particles and Octane

X-Particles is a fully-featured advanced particle and VFX system for MAXON’s Cinema 4D. Multithreaded, X-Particles utilizes all of your computer CPUs whenever possible for speed and efficiency. A unique rule system of Questions and Actions enables complete control over particle simulations.

Why X-Particles?

An essential component of an artist’s toolkit, X-Particles is the solution to satisfy all your particle needs: Cloth, Smoke, Fire, Fluids, Grains and Dynamics. Designers can switch effortlessly between motion graphics and VFX, within a unified system.

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