Flowmap Data from Houdini to Blender Tutorial

Hi 3DArtist, let’s start the week with another incredible tutorial shared by Entagma.
In this tutorial, we’ll learn how to use Flowmap Data from Houdini to import in Blender.

 How to import Flowmaps Data from Houdini to Blender?

These can be used to fake flowing liquids inside of a quickly executing shader. We’ll create a flowmap in Houdini using the SideFX Labs tools, and then move to import the data to Blender, to build an animated shader that advects a texture using the vectors from the map.

Building a Flowmap Shader in Blender using Flowmap Data from Houdini

00:43​ SideFX Labs Tools in Houdini
01:00​ Building the Flowmap
01:35​ Painting the Flow
02:05​ Colors from Vectors
02:50​ Exporting the Flowmap
03:35​ Building the Blender Shader
04:00​ Loading the Flowmap
04:23​ Building basic Advection
06:55​ Animating the Advection
08:48​ Second offset Animation
10:00​ Blend the Animations
10:30​ Controlling the Blend
11:50​ Noises instead of Textures
14:00​ Loading a HDRI


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