FKA Twigs Sad Day Behind the scene

FKA Twigs Sad Day is the new short-film, promo released recently, a ballet of blades in martial arts style, between the location of blurred night lights streets of London, directed by Hiro Murai (a Tokyo-born filmmaker based out in Los Angeles).

The characters fight, around the streets, move gracefully, and fight in the air, until the final scene, where the CG and VFX play an important role, “in order to avoid spoiler, just let’s check the video first“.


FKA Twigs Sad Day – VFX Behind the scene

FKA Twigs swordfights through the streets of London in her new epic short-film, directed by Hiro Murai. At the 4:30 mark, the MPC VFX teams redefine the concept of splitting headache in an amazing VFX scene.

In the behind the scenes of this incredible scene, released by MPC, we see how the MPC VFX team used the tracking technology to trace the scene, applying markers on FKA Twigs’ face, and using markers to manage the movement of the parallax of the background.

The MPC team was led by Creative Director Michael Gregory, VFX Supervisor Toya Drechsler, and CG Supervisor Corinne DeOrsay, with grade by Ricky Gausis.

FKA Twigs Sad Day – VFX Making of


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