Fireball in Blender & Cycles X Tutorial

Hi guys, today it’s time to make a hot simulation, we’ll go through a fireball, with smoke and fire in Blender.
This tutorial is probably the most intuitive and beginner-friendly tutorial you can find online, in this video, we’ll simulate a fireball using Blender v3.0.0 alpha, and render it with the brand new Cycles X engine. Also, you can download some explosions in VDB format free to download.

How to create a fireball using Blender v3?

Learn how to create your own custom fire shader and how to apply smooth glow in the Blender’s compositor nodule and Cycles X tutorial!

Polyfjord (Asbjørn), not only makes people understand in the easiest way possible but also inspires how to create a nice fresh simulation.
Don’t miss out on some advanced tips until the end! Enjoy it

Tutorial: Creating a Fireball in Blender

Cycles X come modernizzazione del motore di rendering Cycles di Blender è ora arrivato nell’ultimo codice di sviluppo per Blender 3.0.

Download Blender 3.0

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