FaceBuilder 2.0 for Nuke and Blender to download

Hi everyone, we are excited about the new release of FaceBuilder 2.0 ready to download, released by KeenTools. With FaceBuilder you can create textured 3D head models from source photos, support for facial expressions to Nuke and Blender editions.

3D reconstructions of live actors

In FaceBuilder 2.0 you can create accurate 3D reconstructions of live actors from source photos or videos inside Nuke and Blender, using the power of a photogrammetry software and 3D scan data direct in Blender or in you Nuke VFX compositing scene.

KeenTools 2 0 ready to Download

KeenTools started in 2017 with GeoTracker plugin for Foundry Nuke, providing simple and effective object tracking.

Support of facial expressions

KeenTools focused on one specific task and made it as good as we could at that time. The same ideas evolved into the following KeenTools products for Nuke, such as FaceBuilder and FaceTracker plugins, which allow you to create a face model based on a few photos and then track it without specialized tracking software and tracking skills.

Today, after a couple of months of open beta that brought overwhelming amounts of useful feedback from the lovely Blender community helped for the release FaceBuilder for Blender. Meaning that it’s not just getting rid of the beta badge but also brings a few useful features, one of which is also available for the Nuke version — the support of facial expressions.

Before, FaceBuilder required photographs with a neutral face, which obviously limited its applicability. With this release we remove this limitation, so you can, for example, use the same footage for creating a model and tracking this model even if there’s no frame with a neutral expression.

The Prices: The same: $149 for a personal one (yes, you can use it for commercial work), $299 for commercial license and $399 for a floating one.

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Purchase your license here: link.keentools.io/license-pr
For everyone who is just looking at our products, stop just looking, start trying — we have perfect trial terms: 15 days without any limitations, no registration required — just download, install and play.

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