Hey 3D Artist, don’t miss this amazing 3d digital sculpture tutorial about face modeling of Matthew McConaughey in ZBrush, released by Hadi Karimi incredibly talented 3D Artist, who specialized in 3D sculpting in ZBrush.

3D Potororealism images by Hadi Karimi

Designing realistic human forms has long been a prized goal of the world’s digital artists. Small are the details that make us understand if the person we are looking at is real or simply a 3D model.

Part 1 | Likeness Sculpting Tutorial in ZBrush

In this tutorial, we will see how Hadi Karimi will start sculpting the face in Zbrush, going to recreate a well-known face from the cinema, actor Matthew McConaughey.

The tutorial is divided into several parts, in the first part we are going to model Matthew’s face in 3D in ZBrush. Let’s start!

Face likeness Sculpting Tutorial Chapters:
00:00:00​​ – Intro
00:00:16​​ – Base Mesh vs Sphere
00:00:40​​ – Blocking the forms loosely based on the references
00:21:02​​ – Spotlighting the references & adjusting the proportions
00:50:27​​ – Smoothing out the surface & Finalizing the adjustments

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