How to Explode Voronoi Fracture Objects Like a Boss in Cinema 4D

Learn how to explode Voronoi Fracture objects apart in Cinema 4D. This tutorial shows two techniques; one using Mograph effectors and using the xpExplode modifier inside X-Particles to blow apart your fractured objects. Learn how to trigger dynamics tags on multiple clones with X-Presso, and how to art-direct the paths of the fragments as they blast into smithereens!

  • More Voronoi Fracture Tutorial: Here

Ed Brown Shows How to Explode Voronoi Fracture Objects
Like a Boss in Cinema 4D.



04:10 Explosions With Mograph
16:34 Art Directing Explosions
21:42 Get the Scene Files
23:22 Exploding With X-Particles
30:13 Convert XP Spin to Thinking Particles
36:00 Trigger Dynamics with X-Particles

C4D Voronoi Fracture Exploder – Mograph FREE VERSION

This is the basic Mograph-based scene I explain how to create in my tutorial: Explode Voronoi Fractures Like A Boss
This Cinema 4D project will allow you to explode a Voronoi Fracture object using just Mograph and some xpresso. There is minimal setup required to explode your own objects, and the instructions are in the video tutorial that accompanies these scene files.

Get the project files on my Gumroad. These all feature a simple sphere busting apart, but they are simple to replace with your own objects.

FREE Mograph version:

No bells nor whistles, just a sphere busting apart. Xpresso? You’re on your own.

This is a very simple setup in which there is no spin applied to the fragments.

However, for just FIVE EUROS you can get the Premium version which:

  • Has detailed instructions in an Annotation tag
  • Has HUD controls to art direct the explosion:
  • Allows you to set the frame the explosion starts on
  • Allows you to set the detonation force with a simple slider
  • Allows you to set the threshold to trigger dynamics with a simple slider
  • Has editable spin on the particles as they explode
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