Driving Car Rig setup in Blender

Hi Blenderians, today we share this fantastic asset car rig set-up (Offroad Rig Generator Setup for Geometry nodes) for 3D car animation control in Blender.
This resource was created by Mietenen Jesse (Blendesse) 3D and Blender artist, who has created this new Blender asset made available to the download, once again expanding his huge portfolio of works made with Blender.

How to create a rig car setup in Blender?

The rig was made entirely in Blender using geometric nodes, and instances. In the future, the artist plans to improve the mechanics of the wheels and add a ground to make the RIG even more realistic.

  • Offroad Rig Generator is compatible with geometry nodes in the latest version of Blender 3.2
  • The Offroad Rig Generator offers an easy rig setup for off-road or on-road scenes at the click of a button.
  • In this Blender scene, you will find a basic car to use.
Download Blenderesse_Offroad_Rig_Generator_V01.blend 
  • You can do the free download and give a free price to the assets.
  • It is forbidden to distribute or resell the product.
  • Check the author’s notes to find out all the details and features of this setup.

3d car blender addon free download

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