Download Unreal Engine free Electric Dreams Env

Epic Games has released Electric Dreams, a project available for free, a downloadable sample project of Unreal Engine’s new Procedural Content Generation framework, based on its GDC 2023 demo.

The free demo scene serves as a hands-on demonstration of Unreal Engine 5.2‘s PCG and Substrate toolset. One of the standout features of Epic’s GDC 2023 demo was the Procedural Content Generation (PCG) framework, designed to populate large scenes in Unreal Engine without relying on external tools.

The Electric Dreams example, derived from this demo, provides a hands-on view of using this toolset. Showcasing a complex jungle environment procedurally generated from a selection of Megascans assets, available free to Unreal Engine users.

The sample comprises seven distinct layers, including a complete representation of the demo environment. It includes both meticulously crafted areas and a 4km x 4km region generated entirely through procedural methods.

Additionally, the assets include an opal shader sphere specially designed for compatibility with Substrate, the new modular framework for creating materials from Unreal Engine.

This pack includes seven levels to better explore and understand PCG tools:

  • ElectricDreams_Env
  • ElectricDreams_PCG
  • ElectricDreams_PCG CloseRange
  • ElectricDreams_PCGSpline Example
  • ElectricDreams_PCGLargeAssembly
  • ElectricDreams_PCGDitchAssembly
  • ElectricDreams_PCGForest
Download Electric Dreams Env

These features were released with Unreal Engine 5.2, which was released last month.

As far as licensing and system requirements are concerned, the Electric Dreams example is compatible with Unreal Engine 5.2 or later. It is licensed solely for use in products based on Unreal Engine, including commercial projects.

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