Download OpenToonz, Studio Ghibli – Free Animation Software

Just read the news, of the release of OpenToonz, I was surprised not only that it will be released as open-source software, but for having discovered that the software in question is made in Italy.

… the Ghibli studio, historical animation studio uses OpenToonz, software made in Italy! …

Toonz is a software born in 1993, wherein a very short time it became the main instrument used by the historic Japanese production company Studio Ghibli and beyond. In fact, the open source version has been named “OpenToonz – studio Ghibli edition”. Initially distributed by Canadian Softimage in the 1990s, the software was then passed to Microsoft, and then to Avid.
This Italian product is made by the company Digital Video whose managing director is Claudio Mattei.
Thanks Toonz, and all the Digital Video staff.

Here you can download OpenToonz >>

OpenToonz – also known as ‘Toonz Ghibli Edition’ – released under an open-source license will run on Windows and Mac OS X.

Toonz Harlequin 7.1 – General demo

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