Download GeoTracker for After Effects

Hi guys, we have good news for the After Effects users, KeenTools, the team behind Facebuilder for Blender and Nuke, released the free beta version of GeoTracker, the first 3D object tracking plug-in for After Effects.

GeoTracker has just become available for motion designers using After Effects!

Originally a node for Foundry Nuke that quickly became an indispensable tool for many VFX artists working on movie production, GeoTracker has just become available for motion designers using After Effects!

Download GeoTracker for After Effects from KeenTools’ website.

This plugin is an easy-to-use tool that reconstructs the 3D movement of objects in video. Tracking with GeoTracker happens in the standard 2D viewport of After Effects. When tracking is done, 2D and 3D Null layers containing the tracked transformations can be exported to the timeline. Users then can link other layers to these Nulls, or pass them through to Element 3D, Cinema 4D, particle generators and other 3D plugins for After Effects.

3D models can be imported from FBX, OBJ and DAE files. Also, four customisable built-in primitives are available: cube, sphere, plane, and cube.
GeoTracker has always been able to provide good tracking results even when the subject in the frame was occluded or reflective. For difficult cases, native 2D masks are supported so users can exclude problematic areas from tracking.

Correct camera settings are important for precise tracking, and as it’s rather often that the real focal length is unknown, GeoTracker is able to estimate it in such cases. This helps matching objects in the frame as precisely as possible. Moreover, an estimation can be used during tracking as well, so users can track objects in footage where the focal length is constantly changing.

Download GeoTracker for After Effects

The plug-in is free to use during beta.

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