Download free human head model + texture map

Human League Digital produced by a collective of Chaos Group Labs, has released Digital Emily 2, a free 3D model of a female human head, a scanned high-definition model, as part of the Wikihuman project.

The free update of the research project The Emily Digital Project, of the University of Southern California and Image Metrics ‘2008, on the creation of photorealistic digital actors, Digital Emily 2 is based on actress Emily O’ Brien.

The new version increases the resolution of 3D scanning, increasing the size of the map textures – including: difuse, specular, scattered subsurface, displacement and micro-displacement – to 8K x 8K.


The model is supplied in Alembic OSL shader format, Maya scene files with already prepared shaders. Ask for Maya 2015 and V-Ray 3.0 for Maya.

All downloads are free, but are licensed for non-commercial use only.

>>> Download the Digital Emily 2 model from The Wikihuman Project website

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