Download Corona renderer plugin for Blender

We share on 3DArt this version of Corona render plugin for Blender, the latest build of a free version of Corona Standalone with Core 3 for Windows and Mac is available for Blender as a free download, the new Corona Blender integration is unofficial and was developed by CG artist Odilkhan Yakubov.

Blender is taking more and more space among the most used and most important software, slowly entering the major pipeline of small and large 3D studios.

The great strength of open-source 3D software is to make most of the major third-party tools and renderers work with open-source 3D software.

The addon for Blender integration that works with Corona Standalone.

Corona Standalone, the GUI-free edition of the Chaos renderer, is specifically targeted at plug-in developers or power users who want to reduce RAM usage during rendering.

The integration in Blender can be used with Corona Standalone 3.0, released in 2019, for free download from Chaos website or with commercial builds, we have some limitations, but it is able to produce good quality output.

The integration plugin in Blender lacks several key features, notably the interactive rendering of the viewport, it doesn’t automatically convert materials from Blender Cycles native renderer to Corona materials.

Yakubov says he intends to support the features of the newest versions of Corona.

Download Corona Standalone 3 build

BCorona released by Odilkhan Yakubov alias “odil24” made unofficial  Corona addon for Blender. The addon adds some new features and bug fixes in new releases, the addon is available for download on gumroad for the minimum cost of $3.

Download BCorona

Corona Render system requirements


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