Download Easy Text Box preset

Hi guys, this is a new free preset for After Effects ready to download use it in your project, this preset make a box behind your text layer, this is super helpful especially if you are working as a motion designer, and you need manage hundreds of texts layers, Easy Text Box adds no extra layers.

How to create text box in After Effects?

Easy Text Box in After Effects

A new and free preset released by The Waenderer, allows you to create and animate text boxes, easily just whit a click in AfterEffects. This text box preset is great for titles, lower thirds, for your Instagram or tik tok videos for example!

 Download Easy Text Box for After Effects!

It’s free, it’s 1 preset only so no extra layers in your comp and it has cool features like :

  • – Pattern to your text box
  • – Add transition and animation in 1 click
  • – Add gradient, skew your text, shadow and more…
  • – Comes with 3 presets to get you started!


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