Download Blender Studio – free Human Base Meshes

In the new version of Blender 3.6, we also find an unexpected bonus in the release: a set of 17 character meshes created by Blender Studio, to be used and composed, created by the Blender team with the contribution of the Blender community. This new resource package provides a useful starting point for creating custom 3D characters.

The resources are provided as .blend files but can be exported from Blender to be used in other DCC (Digital Content Creation) applications.

The files aim to provide Blender artists with a foundation of characters on which to sculpt their own custom characters. They include stylized and photorealistic male and female figures, as well as a range of body parts.

The package includes 17 separate meshes, including complete male and female figures, as well as individual body parts such as feet, hands, heads, jaws, and eyeballs.

The resource package is provided as a .blend file. To use it, you will need to open the file in Blender and add the package to a resource library, from where you can add resources to a scene.

Download Human Base Meshes
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