Ubisoft has released Mixer 1.0, its in-house real-time collaboration system for Blender users, available open-source. Ubisoft has adopted the software as its main DCC application for their workflow, working and releasing on the new tool Mixer, the add-on enables multiple Blender users to work on the same scene in real-time, it enables studios to set-us their scene data to multi-users who can connect in Blender via IP.

Mixer is a Blender add-on developed by Ubisoft in order to provide real-time collaborative work during creative sessions.

The new tool allows a new revolutionary way of working on 3d scenes in multi-users, opening to a new way of conceiving the workflow in the 3d world, Mixer tool proposes an innovative way to use Blender compared to competing paid 3d programs.

How to install Mixer Blender add-on?

In this tutorial learn how to install Mixer and start working with your mates.

Getting started with Mixer

Mixer 1.0, which enables multiple Blender users to collaborate on the same production scene in real-time, is the first to get a public release.



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