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Check this library online of 100 free brick, tile, concrete textures and panoramas image in high resolution (up to 16K) texture kits and panoramas (up to 50K) for CG artists.

Do you need free textures of brick, tile and concrete textures?

The library has made by CGVault, free for commercial use under a Creative Commons Attribution licence.

Raw images were taken with a digital camera, then stitched and carefully manipulated in the different digital software to get rid of lens distortion and aberrations, clean up, normalize, remove shadows, correct colors and brightness and make them tileable (if needed and if possible).

Download 100 free brick, tile, concrete textures

Download 100 free brick – tile – concrete textures

All diffuse textures come with Normal and Height maps, some of them have Reflection map.
In most cases, you can easily tweak HEIGHT map to use as a reflection map adjusting it by curves in your 3D or 2D software

Also, you can download 20 free high-resolution panoramas of the New York skyline for free.
Visitors can also download 20 high-resolution photographic panoramas of the New York skyline, taken at different times of the day and under different weather conditions, for use as backdrops or in matte paintings.

The panoramas are provided in JPEG format, and range from around 12,000px to 50,000px in width.

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