Download 10 Tree PNG to use in Photoshop

Hi Guys, here useful resource by CG studio Kaiserbold. You can download 10 free cutout trees to use in Photoshop or apply the png on your shader in the 3D scene, to use in visualisation work.

If you’re one of the blessed ones who are creating 3D renderings on a daily basis, you’re probably struggling to find the right cut out trees you can use right away.

Cutting out or masking trees in Photoshop is one of the most painful tasks in the world that every 3d artist has to do (just a step up from cleaning the toilets at the train station). Especially when you’re on running a tight deadline. Time is your enemy.

The Tree PNG images comprise:

  • European broad-leaved trees,
  • conifers,
  • tree trunks and
  • a cutout of fallen leaves on the forest floor.Resolutions images are typically 2,000 to 3,000px.
    The cutouts are licensed for commercial use.
Download 10 Tree PNG to use in Photoshop

Who this collection is for:

  • Anyone who wants to improve productivity and speed up their workflow
  • Anyone who wants to avoid the nightmare of cutting out or masking trees in Photoshop
  • This freebie collection is mainly for architects who want to enhance their architectural visualizations with some unique and fresh cut out trees
  • Architectural students who are new to, or beginners in architectural visualization
  • 3D artists and illustrators who want to refresh and build up their 3D asset library

Kaiserbold also has packs of free cutout people and sky backgrounds available to download.

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