Hi guys, one of the most interesting things about 3D is the simulations,  the destructive effect is one of my favorite simulations, today we’ll see how to create the destruction geometry in Blender in this video tutorial by Iridesium.

Buckle in, things are going to be moving a bit fast! When making an action sequence you might need to quickly destroy a whole bunch of things.

 How you can destroy anything in Blender using particles?

In this tutorial, we will be looking at one of the fastest ways I know to break an object in 3d in Blender. While it might not be the most accurate method of destruction in many cases, it can be very powerful for those who know how to wield it!

Destroy Anything with Particles in Blender

00:00​ – Epic Intro
01:34​ – Simple UFO Model
01:51​ – Animating with Physics
03:54​ – Simulation to Animation
04:46​ – Model to Destroy
05:33​ – Destructible Geometry
06:14​ – Cut up the Building
07:19​ – Quick Explode
09:44​ – Animate the Building
10:44​ – Camera Angle

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