Alf is a 3D artist and director, a partner in vfx Gimpville.
Alf recently completed his short film, which lasted 6 months, called
“Dawn of the Planet of the Zombies and the Giant Killer Plants on Some Serious Acid” realizing the work all by itself, using Maya, Redshift, and Fusion.

Immediately receiving great interest with more than 200,000 views in just over a week on Vimeo.

Here the Video and the Making of, I recommend you to see his site with the making of material that Alf has released, really incredible is the work that has been done here the link:  http://www.alflovvold.com/project.html

Dawn of the Planet of the Zombies and the giant Killer Plants on some serious Acid

Making of

Here are some of the teams that have collaborated on this incredible work:
Stiller Studios in Sweden ( stillerstudios.com/ )
Ådne Lyngstad Nilsen ( dziumasoundtrack.com/ )
FractureFX ( fracture-fx.com/ )
Redshift3D  ( redshift3d.com/)



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