DaVinci Resolve to Fusion – Introduction Training

Today, we will examine the use of Fusion within DaVinci Resolve, exploring how to utilize Fusion, navigating its interface, performing a simple compositing, setting up keyframes, and demonstrating how to create a basic scene using visual effects within DaVinci Resolve.

The introductory training provides a comprehensive overview of Fusion, offering a detailed guide to its node-based interface. Throughout this session, you will acquire the essential skills to fully harness the creative potential offered by Blackmagic Design Fusion.

DaVinci Resolve to Fusion – Introduction Training

Fusion employs a nodal flowchart that visually maps the scene, connecting and coordinating effects. Nodes serve as building blocks representing effect tools, generators, transformations, masks, and more. There are no nested layers or hidden menus!

For more details and to download DaVinci Resolve and Fusion, click here/products/fusion

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