DaVinci Resolve 12

DaVinci Resolve 12 in tutta la sua potenza

Oggi vogliamo parlare dell’ultima release del noto software di color correction di Blackmagic, DaVinci Resolve 12.
Nella nuova versione notiamo subito che Resolve è diventato molto più di un programma di color correction, nella versione 12 si può ufficialmente parlare di un programma di montaggio video completo (non-linear video editing).

DaVinci Resolve 12: tool fondamentale per una pipeline professionale.



blackmagic_logoPotete provare DaVinci Resolve facendo il download sul sito di Blackmagicdesign, andando sul sito di Blackmagicdesign noterete è che la versione gratuita non è più chiamata Lite ma DaVinci Resolve 12 metre per la versione a pagamento è chiamata DaVinci Resolve 12 Studio.


//    Mac OS X    |   Windows


//    Mac OS X   |  Windows   |  Linux


Per la versione gratuita ovviamente troverete delle limitazioni del programma, mentre acquistando la versione Resolve 12 Studio (per chi avesse già acquistato la licenza delle versioni passate di Resolve, l’aggiornamento è gratuito), avrete la possibilità di gestire al meglio la potenza delle GPU con uscita 4K con la gestione di tutti gli effetti di motion blur, la gestione della riduzione del noise temporale e spaziale, gli strumenti 3D e la gestione di utenti in remoto e tool di gestione dei collaboratori.
Per chi invece acquistasse una delle camere di fascia alta fotocamere digitali cinema (come ad esempio Blackmagic Cinema Cameras, URSA o  Blackmagic URSA Mini) Resolve viene fornito gratuitamente.

Blackmagic Design DaVinci Resolve 12. le novità?

Testando Resolve 12, le caratteristiche che emergono sono diverse, come la grande flessibilità nella pipeline di lavoro che ci offre il programma, qualità e velocità di calcolo incredibili, lavorando con Resolve ci si imbatte con alcuni vantaggi molto interessanti come ad esempio la nuova funzione introdotta nel supporto nativo di formati di file CR2 che è il formato di Canon RAW. Resolve 12 ci dà la possibilità di importare direttamente una sequenza di file CR2 in DaVinci Resolve e usarlo come un file multimediale normale, direttamente nella nostra linea temporale, possibilità incredibile che permette la totale gestione del file.


DaVinci Resolve 12. Editing

DaVinci Resolve 12. Multicam

DaVinci Resolve 12. Color Correction

Qui di seguito elencate tutte le caratteristiche  della nuova release


  • Multi-cam editing
  • Timeline created automatically with first edited clip
  • Guaranteed real-time audio playback for all playback speeds
  • Automatic audio pitch correction for slow or fast playback speeds on Mac OS X
  • Support for speed changing audio clips with pitch correction
  • Audio playback using JKL dynamic trim
  • VST and AU Audio Plugin Support
  • Copy and paste audio plugins through paste attributes
  • Clip and Track automation control for audio
  • Offline reference video wipe playback on the SDI output in edit and color page
  • Curve editor for transitions
  • Smooth Cut for morphing transitions
  • Low latency JKL playback control and slow-mo playback
  • Slow-mo playback using JKL keys
  • Retime offers drop-down option to smoothen/linearize clip retime-keyframes
  • Expanded multi-selection trimming
  • Better trim behavior when sliding multiple selected clips in the same track
  • Timeline clip match frame to the media pool source clip
  • Split Clip Roll edit
  • Split edit trim maintains linked and preceding audio sync
  • Nest timelines into any other timeline• Motion path editing with bezier handles
  • Simplified track selection for copy/paste operations
  • Zoom to fit timeline is now a toggle operation
  • Select multiple clips along the timeline with Shift click
  • Media clips and timelines consolidated in the media pool
  • Flip/Flop and pitch/yaw in edit sizing
  • User selectable fast nudge frame count in Project Settings
  • Automatic slip and move operations for clips out of sync
  • Support for FCPX XML 1.5 DTD roundtrip
  • Support for multicam and audio layout for FCPX XML roundtrip


  • DaVinci Resolve Color Management (RCM)
  • ACES v1.0 support
  • New custom curves with bezier handles
  • New perspective tracker
  • New 3D Keyer
  • De-spill option to automatically reduce chroma key spill
  • New matte finesse controls
  • Compound nodes to create complex looks using nested node graphs
  • Node graph clean-up tool
  • Auto shot match between two or more clips
  • Key processing is available by routing key to RGB and RGB to key in the node graph
  • Window conversion to power curve window
  • Flatten pre and post group grades into clip grade
  • Add correction with keyframes in timeline thumbnail context menu
  • Ability to ripple grade from any node to selected clips or current group
  • Ability to append current node to selected clips in timeline
  • Delete ‘Unused Versions’ option
  • Ability to view and change ISO for Blackmagic Camera RAW clips
  • Black sun highlight correction for Blackmagic Camera clips
  • Timeline Smart Filters
  • Pitch/Yaw in edit, input, node and output sizing
  • Lightbox on second screen
  • Docked scopes and Clip/System Info
  • Color page menu option to change node label
  • Option click track number to disable track auto-select in thumbnail timeline


  • Greater layout flexibility
  • New simple clip relink
  • Drag and drop clips from Finder or Windows Explorer to media pool or timeline
  • Media storage favorites allow folder bookmarks
  • Media storage sub-clip generation
  • Media management controls to Copy, Move and Transcode
  • Project archive and restore
  • Media pool smart bins
  • Customizable metadata based display name for clips
  • Optimized media support
  • Timeline proxy mode for improved performance*
  • Automatic Dual sound system sync based on waveform
  • Optimized media thumbnail scrubbing
  • Media storage option to list individual frames as separate items
  • New format and type media pool column
  • Show all mounted volumes on window• Support for OS drive eject on Mac and Windows*
  • Copy/Paste of media pool items and edit events across projects


  • Export to ProTools
  • Render audio only*
  • Remote Rendering*
  • Bitrate slider for JPEG 2000 encoding
  • Progressive disclosure of advanced render settings


  • Intel GPU support on Mac and Windows
  • Modern 64-bit QuickTime support on Mac OS X
  • QuickTime support for DNxHR codec
  • Missing clips on storage show up as offline media
  • Pop-up message for missing LUTs during project load
  • Long LUT names now display in extended window width
  • Additional keyboard shortcuts
  • Workspace menu selection includes page switching
  • M4A, MP3 and CAF audio decoding support on Mac OS X
  • CinemaDNG monochrome support
  • ARRI Alexa 65 support
  • ALEXA Open Gate and Canon RMF clip resolution improvements
  • Spanned Canon C300 clip support
  • Canon still camera RAW format CR2
  • Native M4V file support
  • Sony XAVC Intra encoding (DaVinci Resolve 12 Studio only)
  • Panasonic V35 IDT included for ACES workflows
  • Quad 3G SDI support on DeckLink 4K Extreme 12G
  • Level A SDI support with Blackmagic Desktop Video hardware
  • 2K DCI 25P/25sF support for video monitoring
  • OpenEXR v2.2.0 read/write with DWAA/DWAB compression
  • Support for 32, 44.1, 48, 88.2, 96, 192 kHz audio
  • OpenFX extensions for native OpenCL/CUDA multi GPU compute
  • General performance and stability improvements
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