Da 3DS Max o Maya a NUKE con XMesh

Thinkbox Software has launched XMesh for NUKE

For all Nuke users, take a look at this new plug-in released by Thinkbox Software, in beta version XMesh for NUKE, to support versions 7 and NUKE the Foundry. XMesh is a plug-in designed to simplify the exchange of files in the pipeline with Autodesk 3ds Max and Autodesk Maya.

XMesh NUKE allows users to upload NUKE XMesh data saved by 3ds Max or Maya to NUKE for rendering.

XMesh saves the animated geometry of the scene in a compressed format, resulting in smaller files for faster loading.

For beta access to XMesh NUKE, please contact beta@thinkboxsoftware.com with system specifications.

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