Cubik is a low-cost 3D Desktop Scanner launched on Kickstarter in February 2013, raising £97,200 from 246 backers. In 2012, Chester, the British company that gave birth to Cubik, also managed to obtain SMART funding from the Technology Strategy Board to develop the 3D Scanner prototype.


Featuring a unique, precise and fast technology called DepthPhase, Cubik works by projecting a sequence of sinusoidal patterns from an LED array, so that the phase of the patterns varies with depth. This allows the depth to be calculated for each pixel of the captured image. Also, not involving the use of triangulation or lasers, it minimizes occlusions while remaining completely safe for the eyes. Cubik is an automatic desktop 3D scanner, with a small footprint, similar to an inkjet printer. Utilizes dual 5MP DepthPhase scan heads to maximize object coverage. There is also a ‘Macro’ mode which allows small objects to be scanned closer to the scan heads, increasing their resolution.
The system also includes a fully integrated turntable. In this way it will be enough to place the object inside the scanner and scan using the included software.

Cadscan Desktop 3D Scanner

Technical specifications:

Maximum object size: diameter 220mm x height 200mm
Minimum object size: 10mm diameter x 10mm height
Maximum object weight: 4kg
Camera resolution: 5 MP , 24-bit color
™ dual scan heads DepthPhase : Scanning method
Light Source: LED Array (eye safe)
Resolution : 0.05mm – 0.15mm (50 – 150 micron )
Accuracy: / – 50 – 150 microns
Data output: Full color point cloud and Watertight Mesh


Footprint scanner: 510mm (L) x 340mm (H) x 335mm (w)
Operating systems: Windows , Mac OS X , Ubuntu Linux
Output formats : STL , OBJ , PLY and SketchFab
Power supply : 100V – 240V AC (external power supply)
Communications : USB 2.0
Construction materials: white ABS case, steel frame

The Cubik Desktop 3D Scanner is now available in limited quantities for pre-order, priced at £699 ($1,126) + VAT. The expected delivery time is 4 weeks.


Article by Elisabetta Paolucci



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