Create the Anime Looks in Blender and Photoshop

The classic Japan animation 2D called Anime, has always had an incredible charm, which boasts a long and important tradition, for example in the latest products of Evangelion such as The Rebuild of Evangelion, we find the addition if not the evolution of this technique, using 3D elements in anime animation.

3D animation nowadays is needed to view a better-animated film, rather than just using 2D animation techniques.

Since 2D and 3D animation techniques have pros and cons, for example in the film The Rebuild of Evangelion, both techniques have been used. In fact, the animation of The Rebuild of Evangelion is a remake of the Neon Genesis Evangelion anime series, adding some new scenes but not making a completely new 3D movie.

On 3DArt we have already shared some time ago, tutorials and techniques of how to make 2D the anime look of the famous studio Ghibli in recreating Ghibli style anime in this tutorial using Blender: How to recreate Ghibli style in 3D? or how to recreate Anime style in Blender and Octane.

Today we share this cool tutorial, digital artist Tunnel Rat, has shared an amazing set of projects inspired by old-school Japanese anime.

In this tutorial he explains the techniques needed to transform our 3D models into vintage anime style 2D renderings using Blender and some tweaking of the look in Photoshop.

In this tutorial, the artist demonstrated the entire work process from start to finish, showing how to prepare the 3D model, sharing material setup, and lighting, finally showing the Photoshop workflow.

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