In this video we will see how to make a realistic plant, how to recreate the fluff on a 3d model of the plant, using Octane Renderer and Cinema 4D. Tutorial released by Motion & Concept Designer Polat Yarisc.

How to create realistic photo render in Cinema 4D and Octane Render?

In the tutorial we will see how to manage the look of the hair, using the tools for controlling the splain in Cinema 4D.
Although this plant is fictional, the author recreated the realism of the scene, using real-world data, light, material, and refraction in Octane Renderer.

Creating realistic plant with Octane + Cinema 4D

0:00 Intro
2:43 Scene Explanation
7:17 Modelling – Stem
11:43 Modelling – Plant
14:31 Creating Hairs
22:38 Light & Plant Interaction
30:37 Material Creation – Flower
58:37 Material Creation – Stem
1:02:02 Material Creation – Hairs
1:16:03 Outtro

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