Today on 3DArt, this amazing Blender Cycles tutorial shared by Manuel from Entagma. In this tutorial, we’ll learn how to create a hatching procedural shader in Blender using Cycles renderer, also you can download the Project Files for Free.

How to create a hatching shader in Blender?

Manuel will show you how to use the shader editor to create a procedural shader in Blender, we will see how to build a procedural hatching shader that will come in handy for your next NPR project.

You’ll learn about generating procedural lines and doing 3D shading yourself inside of the shader using the dot product.

Enjoy it!

Create a Procedural Hatching Shader in Blender Cycles

00:00​ Intro
00:45​ Starting to build the shader
01:00​ Procedural Lines
05:05​ Recreating Dot-Product Lighting
06:15​ Dot Product Lighting Theory
07:00​ Implementing Dot Product Lighting
09:00​ Combine Shading and Lines
11:35​ Rotate the Lines
12:39​ Create a Background
13:43​ Make it pretty

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