Create a Black Hole in C4D and Arnold

3DArtist, let’s face it: who wouldn’t want to create black holes in our sci-fi scenes? Black holes are back in vogue, especially after the Interstellar Gargantua Black holes.

How to Make a 3D Black Hole in Cinema 4D?

In this tutorial made by Daniel Danielsson, we will see how to make a black hole in 3d using Cinema 4D and Arnold Render, obviously, it will not be the black hole made by Dneg super detailed and scientifically mathematically made for Interstellar, but we can be satisfied anyway.

Using rendering in Arnold Renderer is deceptively simple to do in Cinema 4D. A couple of spheres and an insane variable Index of Refraction setup. Enjoy it!

Make a Black Hole – Part 1 (Gravitational Lensing & Event Horizon)

How to Make a 3D Black Hole in Cinema 4D:
00:00​ – Intro
00:26​ – Making spheres (wow, I know)
00:50​ – Gravitational Lensing Shader
01:23​ – Variable IOR shader
03:27​ – Setting up an Arnold tag to bend the light right
03:46​ – Admiring our work
04:16​ – Commercial Break
04:46​ – Zippydoos

A Black Hole is nothing without a glowing disk of gas and other goodies. It is our supermassive solemn duty to make one using C4D, Turbulence FD, and rendering it in Arnold.

Make a Black Hole – Part 2 (Accretion Disc)

How to simulate a Black Hole Accretion Disk in Cinema 4D and Turbulence FD:
00:00​ – Intro
00:18​ – Start with a Disc
00:42​ – Displace the Disc
01:12​ – Spin & scale dat shit to swirl the sim
02:12​ – Setting up the Turbulence FD Container & Emitter
03:32​ – How to simulate a flaming pineapple slice in C4D
03:59​ – Tweaking Vorticity in TFD to add scale to fluid simulations
04:30​ – Setting up Texture Emission based on Animated Noise in Turbulence FD
07:04​ – Adding a UV map (because otherwise, it doesn’t work)
07:35​ – Setting up shading for the Accretion Disc
07:49​ – How to time-freeze fluid simulations in Turbulence FD
08:31​ – Placing the accretion disc around the black hole
08:59​ – Cloning the TFD sim to beef it up a bit
09:35​ – Shading the Photon Sphere / Photon Ring
10:44​ – Animating the accretion disk
11:00​ – Have a supermassive discount off the Motion Design Course Process of Motion.
11:32​ – Final bye-bye

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