Creary social network that rewards 3D Artists

Hi guys, today I want to talk about a super cool social network platform Creary for 3D Artists. Creary is the decentralized creative community connected to the blockchain of Crea.

Creary is a social network that rewards 3D Artists! is a decentralized art community where anyone can post digital content and be rewarded for their creative work according to the votes received from the community.

So far, the platform has about 16,500 users and a big part of them are 3D artists using different softwares.

The rewards earned on the platform are in a token called CREA that can be converted easily into any other coin (cryptocurrency and fiat). Users can find in their profiles a wallet where all their earnings will be automatically stored.

Creary’s decentralized ecosystem has been designed in order to distribute all of the power and benefits of the network among all of its users who add value to the community. There is no centralized system as in many conventional social networks that keep users’ data making that their main business model.

The blockchain of Crea is supported transversally by the members of the community around the world.

Creary is an open-source new generation network and the project’s evolution is decided by its community.
The platform’s final version has just been launched and is available to all those creatives who want to join and explore the decentralized universe without

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The ecosystem of the platform issues different types of tokens with specific characteristics that give certain powers within the social network.

Users can obtain these tokens in several ways:

– Publishing content on the platform

As in any conventional social network or creative portfolios directory, in Creary users can post their work to share them with the rest of the community. As an innovative fact, in Creary, users will receive rewards for the interactions their content receives.
The likes do not just like anymore, so users should bet on the quality of what is published to get a good community of followers who vote for their works.

Creary also allows the content exploration by keywords or hashtags visible in a trending topic list and there is an internal system to promote content and thus give them greater visibility., the decentralized social network that rewards 3D artists!

– Publication downloads

Creary offers the possibility to its users to set a price per download of the contents they publish. This means that any user will be able to obtain economic income for each sale or download that their publications or digital goods receive.

This is a very interesting feature for those users who wish to professionalize their activity on the platform by converting their portfolios into marketplaces of original and quality content such as image banks, web templates, vector designs or audio files that can be used by third-party creations.

– Content curation

The Creary system rewards those users who help other projects to be visible within the network through their interactions as a vote or like.

A percentage of the rewards that are issued on a publication when voting is distributed to the voter (curator) taking into account different parameters for this calculation such as the curation time or the user’s status within the platform.

– Rewards to the witnesses of the distributed network

The witnesses are those users who connect their computers to the network and who support the maintenance and constant development of it. Everyone can become a witness of the network and ask for the vote of the community to stay among the first 25 nodes responsible for the proper functioning of it. This activity of direct democracy supports the community’s involvement in the code that governs the system in an efficient, just and democratic way.

Also, this activity generates income in tokens that help witnesses develop new implementations for the platform.


– Exchange the tokens into money

– Greater power in their votes and higher curation rewards:
When users vote for posts, their influence on the distribution of rewards is proportional to the amount of CGY they have. The more CGY a user has, the higher his curation rewards will be.

Also, keep in mind that the more rewards likes give, the user’s reputation and earnings as a curator on the social network will be higher.

– Obtain benefits as “interest”:

Token holders receive daily rewards or “interest” for the simple fact of having the tokens in
their wallet.

– Purchase of creative resources and digital goods:

The Creary ecosystem is designed so that, in addition to acting as a social network that rewards its users, it also works as a decentralized marketplace for digital goods.
Users can buy resources from other users such as stock photos or videos, logos, templates, fonts, mockups, etc.).

– Promotion of projects on

Users can promote content in’s Promoted section. These promotions work as an auction: the content that contributes higher bids will obtain greater visibility and therefore, will have more opportunities to be voted.


Creary, uses the most advanced technology that exists at the moment for the registration of intellectual property. This technology known as the blockchain, allows users to register their projects on the platform generating a timestamp that certifies the authorship of content.

This way authors do not have the need to certify their creations in the old copyright protection societies.

At the same time, authors can indicate with what license they want to distribute their work. offers several types of content licenses, mainly Creative Commons licenses. Users can select the one that best suits their type of work (some are more restrictive than others).

The blockchain technology revolution is fostering the creation of the social networks of the future. Without a doubt, is an innovative platform that proposes a free and decentralized alternative to disseminate artistic works without intermediaries.

If 3D is your thing and you feel apart from the traditional models of centralized social networks, don’t miss the opportunity to join the community to promote the paradigm shift that allows creating a fairer and more democratic new economic, creative and technological scenario.

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