How to create a Cellular Look in Cinema 4D

This a cool plugin to use to recreate a Cellular Look in Cinema 4D. The Alvéole plugin, it’s simple to use and free under 6000 polys.

Create a cells effect on all your objects.
Based on Voronoï and Catmull-Clark diagram.


Download the plugin here:
(You can use it for FREE under 6000 polys)


Cellular Look in Cinema 4D


  • Works like a deformer, with multiple objects simultaneously.
  • Cells that follow the object curves.
  • Width adjustable and animatable.
  • Extrusion adjustable and animable.
  • Appear / disappear effect.
  • Width adjustable according to the cells size.
  • Shape cells animable with a noise.
  • No polygon glitch that can you can have with the C4D bevel tool.
  • Filling of cells possible.
  • Polygon reduction integrated.

v 1.0 :
– Compatible on Windows and OSX for C4D R16, R17, R18.
– Czech translation by Lubo Bezek.

v 1.0.1 :
– Fixed Curved Subdivision on R16.

The demo version is limited to 6000 polygons per object and only one cell mode. 

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