Let’s see this new tutorial released by Corona’s Team, how to manage the Multi Shader in Corona Renderer. The video is an in-depth analysis of the work with the Multi Shader, working on the functions of each attribute.

Let’s see how Corona’s Multi Shader works in Cinema 4D.

With Multi Shader you can create random variations of the shaders, without managing or duplicating shaders for each situation.

Corona Renderer for Cinema 4D: Multi Shader Tutorial

00:04 – Corona Renderer Introduction
00:31 – Basic end result example in use
01:53 – Complex end result example in use
03:17 – Starting our test scene
04:00 – Setting up a simple Multi Shader in our test scene
05:30 – The Layer Count parameter
06:26 – The Seed parameter
06:48 – Editing the colour of a layer
07:04 – Using textures or shaders in a layer
08:09 – Adding a Filter and other tweaks to the textures or shaders
08:40 – The Gamma and Hue Randomization parameters
10:30 – The Mix Amount parameter
11:35 – Batch Load textures option
The different Modes
12:33 – Primitives mode
14:31 – Material Name mode
16:02 – Material ID mode
18:24 – Object Buffer ID mode
20:50 – Material Tag Index mode
23:26 – Mesh Element mode (most often used)
26:13 – How to know if an object is comprised of multiple Mesh Elements?
Practical Examples
27:31 – Randomizing leaves on a tree introduction
29:26 – Randomizing each leaf on a tree
34:18 – Randomizing fabrics on different parts and on different objects
44:18 – In conclusion

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