Hi Guys, check this tutorial to understand how to work with lighting in Corona Render for C4D. This tutorial walks you through what portals are for in Corona Renderer for Cinema 4D, and when and how you should use them.

Working with Corona Lighting Studio in C4D

Download Corona Render the unrestricted 45 day free trial (which you can even use for commercial projects) from https://corona-renderer.com/download

Working with Corona Lighting in C4D

00:19 Introduction to portals and to the test scene
01:09 Portals most beneficial with smaller window openings
01:36 Rendering settings for the test scenes
02:15 Doing some comparative tests to see Portals in action – the small window
03:50 Comparative tests – the medium window
04:54 Quick note on why render time shows as 19 seconds
05:50 Comparative tests – the large window
06:54 Portals may give less passes in the same time, but also give less noise in those fewer passes!
08:11 Some technical information on how Portals actually work
11:52 How to correctly set up and place portals
12:28 Creating the perfect geometry for the portal
13:01 Normal direction does not matter with Corona Portals
13:50 Creating and applying the Portal material
14:30 Mistakes to avoid in Portal placement
16:57 Avoid having important geometry on the far side of the Portal
17:30 Does every window opening need to be covered by a Portal?
18:50 Using Portals in a real production scene – the scene set up
19:51 Using Portals in a real production scene – a test render without Portals
20:08 Using Portals in a real production scene – creating the Portals
22:20 Using Portals in a real production scene – apply the Portal material
22:43 Using Portals in a real production scene – comparing results with and without Portals

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