Ricreare una scena 3d da scatti fotografici, utilizzando Reality Capture

In this video Alex Cheparev shows us how to get started with photogrammetry in Reality Capture.

Until now we were used to seeing models and small 3D scenes recreated using this technique, but with Reality Capture, as the video shows, you can work on a large scale, recreating the 3D model from a very complex scene, making the scan meshes with the possibility of exporting directly to Maya.


This video shows the entire workflow, from photos to creating the final 3d model.
In the first step, we will see the alignment of the photographic images, in the second step we will see how Reality Capture applies the photogrammetry processes to the photographic shots, recreating the scene through the point cloud, and then another important step is going to create the 3D mesh, from the point cloud data and then export the entire final scene to Maya.

There is some software that will allow you to convert photographic images into 3D models.
On 3Dart we have already talked in the past about photogrammetric applications such as Agisoft Photoscan, or 123D Catch from Autodesk, now we can also add Reality Capture to our list.

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