How to create your next perfect Showreel

Hey-hey-hey motion-lovers!
In my sporadic article on I decided to take a little step back in time.

“What is the formula for creating a great showreel?”, “What can help you sell your skillset in the best possible way whether you are a freelancer or looking for a job?”

Well about five or six years ago, visiting, I took the lead in this series of informative videos released by Division05

Even for me they were very informative and its fundamentals came back to me very useful allowing me to further implement the method of presenting my work and making it my job to speak for me

This type of tutorials are timeless and fit perfectly in every context and period, whether you are 2D or 3D Motion Designers, whether you are Compositors, VFX Artists, Videographers or Art Directors.
I hope you can appreciate them and be as useful as they have been to me.
Well, now it’s time for you to press “Play” and start creating your Showreel for 2020!

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