Cloth Procedural Shading In Maya & Arnold Renderer

Today we are sharing this interesting tutorial about Maya nCloth technique and Procedural Shading in Maya & Arnold Renderer, tutorial shared by Amar Shinde (Reimagine Fx) .

How to create wrinkled cloth in Maya?

In the first part of the tutorial we’ll see how to create a wrinkled cloth in Maya, Amar will show you a good and simple way to create the folds of the fabric, working with simple dynamics using Maya nCloth.

How to create a Procedural Shading in Arnold Renderer?

In the second part of this tutorial we’ll see how to create a simple procedural shading in Arnold Renderer with a Procedural Shading in Maya and Arnold Renderer.

Wrinkled Cloth Procedural Shading Tutorial

Tutorial by Amar Shinde (Reimagine Fx)

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