Cinema4D & Turbulence FD Tutorial

Hi guys, check how to use smoke effects in Cinema 4D using Turbulence FD, let’s to play with objects and smoke particles, this effect is very suggestional, especially if you need to create motion design animation. 

In this tutorial we will see how to interact smoke and 3d elements using Cinema 4D and Turbulence FD, tutorial by Roger Kilimanjaro. The tutorial is divided into two parts, enjoy!

How to animate 3d objects into a smoke simulation?

Turn any 3d object into smoke – Part 1
Cinema4D &Turbulence FD Tutorial

Turn any 3d object into smoke – Part 2

TurbulenceFD‘s simulation pipeline implements a voxel-based solver based on the incompressible Navier Stokes equations. That means it uses a voxel grid to describe the volumetric clouds of smoke and fire and solves the equations that describe the motion of fluid on that grid.

For each voxel TurbulenceFD calculates the velocity of the fluid as well as several channels to describe properties like temperature, smoke density, amount of fuel, etc. This simulation process produces a voxel grid for each frame, which is cached on disk for use by the Volumetric Renderer.

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