Cinema 4D R21 – New Features

🤓Hi Guys, the new version of Cinema 4D has been announced.
Maxon announces next generation of Cinema 4D Release 21 at Siggraph 2019
Cinema 4D R21 will be available on September 3 | 2019, for both macOS and Windows.

Cinema 4D R21 pricing: The new price plan starts at $59.99 a month for a year commitment. A single month is 94.99 month, while a perpetual license is a one-time price of $3,495. Maxon is also offering bundles with Redshift for approximately $20 more per month ($81.99 for a year/per month or one month $116.99).

Watch these videos overview of the new release of Maxon Cinema 4D R21.

Cinema 4D new version R21!

Major features in Cinema 4D R21:

• Cinema 4D is now one version!
• Caps and Bevels
• Field Forces
• VDB Volume Rendering and VDB caches
• Updated Content Browser

Chris breaks down the new features Cinema 4D R21:

Cinema 4D R21 New Features


00:00:00 – Cinema 4D R21 Intro
00:00:52- New License Manager and Subscription Prices for Cinema 4D R21
00:03:48- Cinema 4D R21 New Interface
00:06:20- Breaks Plugins & Why
00:08:00- New Caps and Bevels
00:15:14- New Double & Symmetrize
00:16:35- New Hierarchy and Mask in Fields
00:21:18- Channel Convert in Fields
00:26:17- Field Flow!!!
00:52:21- Volume Vectors
00:57:33- PForceObject for Thinking Particles
00:59:25- New Features in Volume Builder and Mesh Builder(Splines/Cache/Curvature)
01:02:23- New Polygon/Point Copy & Paste
01:04:52- Render DeNoiser
01:07:44- Icon Color and Icon ID
01:09:55- Align to Spline Unclamped
01:11:00- Modeling Core Notes
01:12:16- Project Asset Inspector Cinema 4D R21
01:13:53- Nicer UV’s on some objects & the Tweak UV Gizmo
01:17:00- No files to show, but some new Auto Weighting Modes, and Miximo Rig
01:18:33- No files to show, but Node spaces, and new Material Nodes
01:22:45- Wednesday at Noon R21 Live Stream:
01:23:49- Support Rocket Lasso:

Release 21  Feature Overview  Maxon Cinema 4D

In this video, Maxon show you an overview about all new features and license options in Cinema 4D Release 21.

Dimitris Katsafouros breaks down the new features Cinema 4D R21:

Cinema 4D R21 – Sneak Peek

Asset Manager Host & Creator: Dimitris Katsafouros


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